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Last updated: May 1st, 2017

Conditions of use for the Spa dentaire Laurier inc. website (including pages http://www.spadentairelaurier.ca/, and any other website managed, operated and/or administered by Dr Pierre Comeau inc. or on behalf of this company).

Carefully read the following Terms and conditions before using this website.


Please Pay Particular Attention to the Following

By accessing and using the present website, you accept the present user contract (the “Contract”) between you and Spa dentaire Laurier inc. (the “Owner”). By using the website, you confirm that you are of legal age to make this agreement or have otherwise obtained the consent of a parent or legal guardian to do so, failing which you shall not be authorized to use the website. The Contract establishes the Terms and conditions by which you may use the website, as well as any material presented on the website or available or available through the website, namely, articles, texts, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and video files, programs, and computer codes (the “Content”). If you do not accept these Terms and conditions, you must immediately cease using the website. The Owner may modify the present Contract any time by updating this document.

Medical Emergencies

Do not use this website for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, call a dentist, a doctor, a qualified health professional or call 911.

Website Content Does Not Constitute Medical Advice

The Content of the website does not constitute advice, diagnoses, treatment or professional medical care, nor is it destined to replace these. You must always obtain the advice of your dentist, doctor or other qualified healthcare professional about any questions concerning a health problem. Never ignore professional medical advice and never delay consultation because of information you have read on the website.

No Establishment of Dentist-Patient Relationship

Use of this website does not establish a dentist-patient relationship between you, the Owner, and his dentists. The present section does not apply when you use the website to communicate with a dentist with whom you already have a dentist-patient relationship.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The Owner does not commit to and does not guarantee that (i) the Content of the website, or any other site accessible through it, shall be used for any particular purpose, (ii) it shall be exact, complete, updated, reliable, appropriate, continuous, exempt of errors or appropriate for any particular end, (iii) it shall be exempt of viruses or harmful elements nor shall it guarantee that (iv) communications to or from the website are confidential and shall not be intercepted. You recognize and accept that your access to the website and to its Content and your use thereof shall be entirely at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

The Owner, his dentists, executives, administrators, employees, agents and successors, and respective assigns shall in no way be responsible for any damages of any nature whatsoever stemming from the use of the website or its Content or of the content of any other website linked to the present site or available through its links, no matter the nature and cause of this prejudice, including any direct, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, accessory, or consecutive, including any loss or damage resulting in a loss of business, medical or physical prejudice, an offence causing death, an inappropriate diagnosis, inaccurate information, an inappropriate treatment or any other loss suffered relative to your use or misuse of the website or its Content or to the trust that you grant it, or to your inability to use it, whatever the cause of this loss and no matter whether it stems from contractual responsibility (including fundamental breach), tort liability (including negligence), or otherwise. The present limitation applies, even if the Owner knew of or should have considered the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability also applies with regards to acts, omissions, and behaviours of any third party user of the website or of any advertiser or sponsor of the website (“Third party”).

Confidentiality of Communications

The website allows you to communicate with the Owner or your dentist by email or by another mode of electronic communication. You represent and warrant that all personal information that you provide concerning your use of the website is truthful, exact, and complete and that you will conserve and update this information as needed, so as to maintain the information truthful, exact, and complete. If you fail to disclose any personal information we may need, it may become impossible for us to provide the services you are asking for. If you choose to make your personal information public or any other information on the website, you do so at your own risk. Communications that you may send to the Owner or your dentist or that you may receive from the Owner or from your dentist by email or via the website may not be protected and Third parties may have access to this information. Any use or disclosure of personal information provided by you must respect our Privacy policy. The Owner, his dentists, executives, administrators, employees, agents and successors, and respective assigns shall in no way be responsible for the loss or theft of any information that you may transmit via the website.

Communication via Email

The Owner does not wish to use this website to communicate with the public (i) concerning questions or medical matters (ii) to establish dentist-patient relationships. All communications by email concerning these subjects shall be ignored by the Owner. If you are not already a patient and you wish to communicate with the Owner concerning medical questions, please do so by phone, in the manner indicated on the website.

Registration and Password

To use certain functions of the website, you may have to create an account. When you register, you accept (i) to provide, in any registration form, information that is truthful, exact, up-to-date and complete about yourself, and (ii) to conserve and update, without delay, the information so that it remains truthful, exact, up-to-date and complete. If the Owner has reasonable motives to believe this information to be false, inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete, he has the right to suspend or cancel your access to all or a part of the website. The use by the Owner of any information that you provide to him during the registration process is governed by the Privacy policy. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password associated to your account and you are responsible for all activity which takes place under your username and password. You agree to immediately notify the Owner of any unauthorized use of your password or account or of any other security breach, and to ensure that you sign out of your account at the end of each visit. The Owner shall not be responsible for any theft or damage arising from his failure or yours to protect your password or information concerning your account. You acknowledge that the Owner has no obligation to verify the authority or propriety of any use of your password, username, registry or account, or of any action undertaken under these, and the Owner shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by you stemming from any use or action or from your failure to respect this disposition.


The Content of the website is protected by copyright, trademarks, and other regulations relative to intellectual property. The Content is the exclusive property of the Owner, his affiliated companies, licensors or to the accredited party that serves as content provider. Subject to the Terms and conditions of the present Contract, you are authorized to use the website and its Content exclusively for private and non-commercial purposes. You are authorized to download, conserve, and print the Content, provided that you conserve all copyright notices. Any use of Content, including the modification, sale, rent, transmission, presentation, distribution, publication or any other operation of the website or of its Content, in whole or in part, including the creation of works inspired by Content of the website without the prior express written consent of the Owner.


The website contains links to Third party websites. These links are for your convenience only. The Owner is not responsible for the content of these sites nor does he make any statement, give any guarantee or condition, or make any commitment of whatever nature concerning any Third party website, specifically (i) no statement, guarantee or commitment concerning the legality, accuracy, trustworthiness, suitability, exhaustiveness, relevance or pertinence of any content or (ii) any declaration, guarantee or commitment indicating that the operation of these Third-party websites shall be continuous and exempt of errors, that the errors within these websites will be corrected or that they will be exempt of viruses or any other harmful element. Even if the Owner includes links to other websites, he is not the agent of the Owner of these sites and shall not be held responsible for any illegal or inappropriate content of any type. The Owner reserves the right to prohibit or remove, at all times, all links towards any website, without warning, for any motive whatsoever.


By using the website, you acknowledge that the information sent and received over the internet is usually not protected and the Owner does not guarantee the security or confidentiality of any communication to or from the website.

Modification or interruption of the website

The Owner reserves the right, at any moment, and periodically, to modify or interrupt the website, temporarily or permanently (or any part of it), with or without warning. The Owner has no responsibility toward us or any Third party concerning any modification, suspension or interruption of the website or any part of the website.

Unlawful Use

It is prohibited to use the website within a jurisdiction where the site or any part of its Content may violate the laws or applicable regulations and you have the obligation, when you use the site, with all the laws and applicable regulations and not violate the rights and dignity of others. Any violation of the present disposition may lead to the suspension or termination of your access to the website, in addition to any legal action that could be brought against you by the Owner or a Third party.

Implementing Law and Judicial Jurisdiction

You accept that the present user agreement and any question relative to your use of the website and its Content be governed by the applicable laws of the province of Quebec. In accordance with the present Contract, you agree to be bound by the exclusive and primary jurisdiction of the province of Quebec concerning any dispute which may arise concerning the website and its Content and you accept that the applicable law be that of the province of Quebec.


Any consent of the Owner concerning the violation of your end of a clause of the present Contract, or any waiver by the Owner to the application of one of the clauses, does not constitute consent or waiver to any other different or ulterior violation.


The invalidity or irrevocability of any disposition of the present Contract or of any commitment contained within the present Contract do not affect the validity or irrevocability of any other disposition or commitment contained within the present Contract, and any invalid disposition or any invalid commitment is deemed divisible from the rest of the present Contract.


Questions or comments relating to the website must be addressed by email to our public relations officer, Louise Lapointe: info@spadentairelaurier.ca.


The Owner can, at his own discretion, terminate your right to use the website. In the event of termination, you are no longer authorized to access or use the website or the part of the website that is subject to termination. The limitations of responsibility contained in the present contract shall continue to apply despite termination of the Contract.

Full agreement

The present Contract constitutes the full agreement concluded between you and the Owner concerning your access to and use of the website.

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