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For simple changes that make a world of difference!

Composite veneers serve to improve your teeth’s appearance thanks to a composite material frequently used for making small cosmetic changes, like repairing imperfections or chips on teeth. Thanks to his experience and skill developed over the years in harmonizing and handling composite, Dr Comeau will accompany you and advise you in order to get the results you are expecting.

Given the instantaneous results they generate and their affordable price, composite veneers are a nice alternative to other, more complete cosmetic solutions.

Composite veneers can be created in a single visit and produce rapid results. They can serve to:

  • Repair splints;
  • Restore a damaged tooth;
  • Lengthen short teeth;
  • Close spaces between teeth;
  • remodel teeth;
  • cover stains;
  • repair imperfections on a tooth’s surface.

Composites offer the advantage of restoring a tooth at an affordable price. However, if your teeth are badly damaged or if your dentist thinks there may be other dental problems likely to compromise the success and longevity of a composite veneer, other solutions, such as crowns and porcelain veneers, will likely be proposed.

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