A relaxing atmosphere

Inspired by the authentic “spa” experience

To reduce your anxiety, we have created a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The ambiance is reminiscent of a superior quality Nordic spa.

Upon your arrival at our clinic, you’ll immediately seize the essence of our intention. The soft music melding with streaming water on our wall of bubbles will surprise you as much as the scent of eucalyptus when you enter.

You’ll also quickly notice that our clinic is located in a magnificent century-old apartment modernly restored in “Zen” style.

Right away, you’ll feel the muffled intimacy and see that clinic’s rooms are nicely divided. This allows us to offer you all our attention in spaces where your privacy is protected. All these elements make the patient feel relaxed right away.

The Spa Dentaire team is a close-knit group whose primary goal is to make your experience a positive one.

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