A Unique Approach

A virtually pain-free approach

Ever since the start of my career as a dentist, in 1998, I have been particularly touched by the profound angst experienced by many of my patients before, during, and after their dental care. What troubled me most is that this anxiety could have grave consequences.

Firstly, anxiety affects the spirit of decision of the patient and as a consequence, will have a tendency to avoid or postpone dental visits, thus foregoing care that he may really need, possibly for a long time. People have a tendency to wait until the pain becomes unbearable to finally do something about it. Furthermore, anxiety makes the patient restless and weary during care, which complicates the dentist’s task and reduces the chances of a successful treatment.

To remedy this, my team and I have reinvented our work context by creating a whole new approach based on patient needs. Thus is born Spa dentaire Laurier.

A day of being pampered . . . what’s this you say: at the dentist’s?

We know very well that a visit to the dentist usually doesn’t lather-up much enthusiasm. Your childhood memories, filled with images of foul-smelling and uncomfortable clinic waiting rooms, are the total opposite of what awaits you at Spa dentaire Laurier. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? However . . . trying it is adopting it.

Our New Visual Identity

The Spa dentaire Laurier logotype is first or foremost a symbol of equilibrium, strength, and unity. Its perfectly circular form conjures up the unifying and inclusive nature of the clinic, be it with our patients or our employees.

The signature forms a protective circle around the logotype, a cocoon in which a lotus flourishes, the central symbol of the visual identity. In many cultures, the lotus symbolizes well-being, transformation, growth, and purity.

The circular lines that support the lotus symbolize water, a powerful element of nature, from which the flower blooms even in difficult conditions. It is a symbol of tranquil strength, of rigour and gentleness.

The logotype is also Spa dentaire Laurier’s seal. It is a promise of quality and a promise to always have at heart the well-being of our clients and our team.

Our New Corporate Signature: “Embrace Life!”

Spa dentaire Laurier wishes to contribute to the development of the well-being and self-realization of its patients by offering judicious advice and the appropriate care to help them affirm their unique and distinct personality.

That is why the signature bears the expression “Embrace Life!” This recalls fulfillment and the promotion of the joy of living and personal success on all levels: professional, intellectual, environmental, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

At Spa dentaire Laurier, we do what it takes to make your experience enjoyable.

We are committed to reducing any stress you may be feeling as much as possible and to making your next dental visit virtually pain-free, and even relaxing.

You may be hesitating to go for treatment that could solve years-long problems because you fear pain. That’s quite normal: the mouth is an extremely sensitive and intimate part of the body. Pain in this area leaves a psychological mark.

Simply thinking about someone putting their hands in your mouth can also be a deciding factor of whether you finally schedule that dentist’s appointment.

The Spa dentaire Laurier team is committed to offering a gentle, relaxing and virtually pain-free experience.

Here’s how we proceed:

  • We believe that if we appeal to all your senses to “distract” you during treatment, the experience will be simple care instead of a challenge.
  • We think it’s important to reduce treatment time and anesthetics to a bare minimum. This is why we systematically use certain cutting edge technologies to maximize the efficiency of care while minimizing more intrusive elements.
  • We believe that the quality of your relationships with the people helping you go through treatment you is an essential ingredient of your patient experience.

Ultimately, we not only want you to like your new smile. We also want you to find the process enjoyable.

We have created a comfortable environment where our team members offer you personalized care at a relaxing rhythm. We take our time since cosmetic dentistry is a clever mix of precision and artistic talent.

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