A Unique Approach

A unique approach at Spa dentaire Laurier!

The Spa dentaire Laurier offers a unique and innovative concept, where you can receive quality care in an inviting and relaxing environment!

In fact, during lengthy aesthetic dental treatments, our massage therapist will offer a reflexology treatment of your feet and/or a Californian massage of your hands and head.  This will allow you to indulge in a moment of rest and relaxation while taking care of your smile. *

Your comfort is important to us.  We want your experience to be as unique as your smile.

*Offered under certain conditions.

A day of being pampered . . . what’s this you say: at the dentist’s?

Some relaxing music, a Magic Bag, a warm towel with lavender for your face and a calming ambience will remind you throughout your experience that you are in a relaxing environment!

Our Visual Identity


The Spa dentaire Laurier logotype is first or foremost a symbol of equilibrium, strength, and unity. Its perfectly circular form conjures up the unifying and inclusive nature of the clinic, be it with our patients or our employees.

Do you recognize the lotus flower in our logo?

Amongst other things, it symbolizes rejuvenation, confidence, serenity and spiritual awakening.  These are benefits to which we attach a special significance and that we are happy to share with our patients!

The protective circle around the logo represents a cocoon in which the lotus flower blooms, the main symbolism of our visual identity.

« The smile is the twinkle that makes your eyes sparkle and opens your heart to the people you cross along your path. »

Our Corporate Signature: “Embrace Life!”

Spa dentaire Laurier wishes to contribute to the development of the well-being and self-realization of its patients by offering judicious advice and the appropriate care to help them affirm their unique and distinct personality.

That is why the signature bears the expression “Embrace Life!” This recalls fulfillment and the promotion of the joy of living and personal success on all levels: professional, intellectual, environmental, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

At Spa dentaire Laurier, we do what it takes to make your experience enjoyable.

Here’s how we proceed:

  • Let yourself be carried away by the relaxing music and calming treatments of our massage therapist who will lavish you with reflexology care such as a meticulous massage of your hands, feet and legs.
  • Meanwhile, Dr Comeau and his team will take care of your dental health and smile!

Ultimately, we not only want you to like your new smile. We also want you to find the process enjoyable.

We have created a comfortable environment where our team members offer you personalized care at a relaxing rhythm. We take our time since cosmetic dentistry is a clever mix of precision and artistic talent.

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