Complete Dental Reconstruction

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If you have worn, moving, missing and/or broken teeth, a complete restoration of all your teeth may be the solution.

Briefly speaking, a complete dental reconstruction (sometimes called complete rehabilitation) is the individual restructuring of each tooth in your mouth. Complete dental reconstruction is a solution for worn, decomposed or missing teeth because it helps regulate chewing problems and brings back your smile’s beauty. This type of problem is more often solved by crowns, veneers, and bridges, but complete dental reconstruction, if performed by a highly qualified dentist, is usually so successful that no one can tell the difference between the real teeth and the restorations. This technique requires the collection of preliminary information.

A few dental visits are all you need to obtain a complete reconstruction. During the preparation of your teeth, all previous restorations and all cavities are suppressed. Then, Dr Comeau makes digital prints of the healthy dental substructure. If needed, beautiful temporary teeth are created for you to wear until your appointment to insert the new porcelains, about two weeks later.

If you have worn, moving, missing and/or broken teeth, complete rehabilitation may be an excellent solution. Complete rehabilitation allows us to restore your smile and facilitate chewing.

As you have noticed, cosmetic dentistry has evolved spectacularly these last few years.

For many people, dental care is done on a tooth by tooth basis, and, quite often, this care is not able to halt the evolution of certain problems such as occlusion collapse or chewing difficulties.

This dental “revamping” can do the trick for a while, but in certain cases, it is not efficient, and its uneven results risk adding years to your face. What’s more, a bad occlusion can cause joint problems within the jaw, muscular pain, and even headaches. Chewing and speaking may also be affected.

If you have teeth that are in very bad condition and have become very worn, you could envision this particular procedure. You have probably lost “vertical dimension” (dental term meaning the distance between the tip of your nose and your chin) if your teeth appear short and/or show signs of use, or if your upper teeth cover or almost cover your lower teeth.

Pain in joints located near your ears, headaches, backaches, muscle pain, or noisy jaw joints are also a sign of “vertical dimension” loss. We can replenish the vertical dimension by adding porcelain on the chewing surface of all teeth.

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