Digital Radiographs

Safe and very efficient

The dentist helps you understand with the help of images

Our digital X-ray machine allows us to take a picture of your teeth and show it to you almost immediately on a computer screen. No more waiting for the X-ray film to develop. Your on-screen image will look like any other conventional X-ray image, only larger. One of the advantages of digital radiography is that it allows the dentist to zoom-in on a single tooth, pivot the image, sharpen and colour the image. This gives him access to important information concerning the possibilities of improving your smile.

Our machine works like a traditional X-ray system. We insert a small sensor into your mouth, which is linked to a computer by a tiny wire. A stream of X-rays is sent through your teeth to the sensor, where the image is saved and sent to the computer. The sensor can then be repositioned to take photos of other sections.

It is preferable to use digital X-ray for many reasons. Since the digital system is more sensitive than classical systems, your exposure to X-rays is reduced by 75%. The larger images allow you to see what your dentist sees: it is thus easier for you to understand how your dentist will treat your teeth. This also represents an improvement on the environmental side, since no trash is produced by photographic chemicals or prints.

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