Partial denture

Get your smile back.

Are you missing multiple teeth?

A partial denture may be for you. It’s a dental appliance that must be removed for hygienic reasons and to sleep.

Some of our patients choose this option for the following reasons:

  • Multiple teeth to replace.
  • A good adaptability to a removable dental appliance.
  • Limited finances.

Removable partial denture

The removable partial denture rests itself onto the remaining teeth and onto the gums to allow you to chew properly.

Even though it is less comfortable than a dental implant or a dental bridge, the denture avoids having uncomfortable and unaesthetic gaps in your mouth. It contains metal that can be visible.

The complete denture

The complete denture is a dental appliance that replaces all your natural teeth. It allows chewing and plays a major aesthetic role.

It rests as much as possible onto the gums. A major inconvenient is that it covers the palate. It also tends to block the taste.

It offers about 30% of the masticatory force of natural teeth. An excellent way to get that force back is to place implants underneath the complete denture.

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