Smile Design

Personalized service to achieve the smile of your dreams

The term “Smile Design” refers to the personalized services that will allow you to reach your goals.

The design of a smile is an extremely technical process that requires honed skills and solid experience because the end result must appear perfectly natural. This subject is seldom discussed during dental medicine doctoral studies. This is why dentists wishing to perfect their skills must familiarize themselves with useful techniques by attending continuing education courses, and then hone their art by gaining direct and extensive experience.

Spa dentaire Laurier has acquired solid experience in this area, and its team is keen to offer you the possibility of expressing yourself without hiding your smile behind years of shyness and insecurity.

How does it work?

The Spa dentaire Laurier Smile Design is a simple yet effective procedure.

Here are the steps involved:

  • During your first consultation at the clinic, we will get to know you in order to provide a tailored service because, for us, every smile is unique. We will take all the time necessary to accompany you throughout your experience at Spa dentaire Laurier! This first consultation will begin by having pictures and an X-ray taken to allow Dr Comeau to verify that there are no underlying issues.
  • Then, Dr Comeau will proceed with a smile simulation through a cosmetic preview of your mouth to allow you to visualize your new smile. It will also serve as a guide when you’re ready to begin your aesthetic treatments.
  • Thereafter, the next steps will take place over two appointments:
  • The first one will be dedicated to the preparation of your teeth. You will leave with a meticulously crafted and perfected temporary which will closely resemble your porcelain veneers. You will be able to share your smile with those people close to you and, if necessary, let us know of any modifications to be made. When you are satisfied with the shape and color, we will communicate with our laboratory to proceed with the creation of your dental veneers.
  • The second and eagerly-awaited one will be devoted to laying your permanent dental veneers. We will take all the time necessary to make sure that you are entirely satisfied before finalizing the laying of your dental veneers. Once completed, you will leave with your new smile!

The advanced technologies behind Smile Designs

One must possess artistic skills and advanced know-how in order to plan and realize a smile design, but certain novel technologies greatly facilitate the task and allow the dentist to obtain superb and durable results.

Consult the CEREC restorations, smile simulations and tested anesthesia protocol pages to find out more.

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