Smile Design

Personalized service to achieve the smile of your dreams

The term “Smile Design” refers to the personalized services that will allow you to reach your goals.

The design of a smile is an extremely technical process that requires honed skills and solid experience because the end result must appear perfectly natural. This subject is seldom discussed during dental medicine doctoral studies. This is why dentists wishing to perfect their skills must familiarize themselves with useful techniques by attending continuing education courses, and then hone their art by gaining direct and extensive experience.

Spa dentaire Laurier has acquired solid experience in this area, and its team is keen to offer you the possibility of expressing yourself without hiding your smile behind years of shyness and insecurity.

How does it work?

The Spa dentaire Laurier Smile Design is a simple yet effective procedure.

Here are the steps involved:

  • We start by listening to you in order to grasp what you would like to achieve.
  • Then, we examine your teeth and take pictures and X-rays to make sure that you are an ideal candidate for the method.
  • If you are a good candidate, a digital 3D simulation is personally created by Dr Comeau from a photo of your face. This crucial step will allow Dr Comeau to lay out one to three treatment options designed specifically for you. This will also allow him to determine, from the outset, the length, shape, and colour of your teeth so as to harmonize them with your appearance before even touching your teeth.
  • We then show you the simulation to give you an idea of the result before the treatment starts. At this step, we decide together which option suits you best. You may also propose changes to the simulation. After all, the simulation serves as our reference for the remainder of the treatment.
  • The simulation and treatment plan will then be sent to the laboratory so that a custom 3D design guide can be created for your teeth.
  • With the help of the design guide, Dr Comeau will shape your teeth and create your temporary smile with medical-grade plastic. This plastic remains glued to your teeth until we install the real porcelains.
  • You will wear this temporary smile to get a feel for it and to show it off to friends and family so we can determine the changes that may improve your smile even more.
  • A few days later, you will meet with Dr Comeau to discuss the eventual changes. Once you are satisfied with the form, Dr Comeau will make a digital print of the selected solution. It is also at this step that the final colour and characteristics of the porcelain are determined, upon mutual agreement.
  • You will wear your temporary smile for about a week while Dr Comeau and his team create the final porcelains. At your next appointment, the porcelains will be installed onto your teeth. A third and final step allows you to be reassured: we will show you your new porcelains before permanently installing them.
  • After this, we will see you again for a simple follow-up visit and a cleaning of your new porcelain-covered teeth. At the end of the treatment, your smile will have been splendidly transformed.

The advanced technologies behind Smile Designs

One must possess artistic skills and advanced know-how in order to plan and realize a smile design, but certain novel technologies greatly facilitate the task and allow the dentist to obtain superb and durable results.

Consult the CEREC restorations, smile simulations and tested anesthesia protocol pages to find out more.

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