Gum Lift

An efficient way of improving your smile

We will aim to give your teeth a longer, more proportional appearance to your teeth so you can enjoy a more balanced smile.

What is a “Gummy Smile”? 

A beautiful smile is like a painting: the lips are its frame, the gums are its passe-partout, and the teeth are the work of art. The gums sometimes cover a part of the upper section of teeth, making them appear short and wide. The result is what is called a “gingival” smile (when the gums are overexposed).

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift or gum “recontouring” is a procedure by which the part of the gum that covers too much tooth is removed with the help of a laser. This will free the tooth and give it a longer appearance. Gum recontouring gives teeth a longer, wider appearance, and gives your smile a more proportional and balanced appearance.

If you are thinking about a gum lift, it is essential that you first consult the dentist to examine whether your gums are in good health, without redness or inflammation. Then, the cosmetic dentist will evaluate your gum line to determine which areas need to be “reprofiled” to give your smile improved symmetry. This treatment is done with the help of a laser and is almost totally painless. The discomfort associated with laser treatment has been described as a painless heat sensation that disappears rapidly.

Gum lifting can help solve problems such as, for example, an uneven gum contour or the not-so-pretty covering of a section of the teeth by the gums.

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