Beautiful, natural, long-lasting and efficient

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. They are thin, sculpted pieces of porcelain attached to the front of teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, they represent the optimal treatment norm because they are thin and versatile and can imitate natural teeth.

Dental veneers can help solve a number of dental problems such as gaps between teeth or misaligned teeth, tooth malformation, wear, or teeth that are too dark. Since the veneers are permanently glued to the front of the teeth, they help improve the shape, position, and colour of teeth.

When they are well adapted to your style of chewing, your porcelain’s shape can have a profound impact on your face. It can exploit your smile’s full seduction potential as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Today, dental Veneers allow many people to acquire the smile of their dreams. Within the context of the smile design procedure, certain teeth will be enlarged and others reduced, the goal being to obtain the stunning effect of anti-aging dentistry.

Our Vancouver patient did not like her short, poorly proportioned teeth. She first received an orthodontic treatment, after which Dr Comeau proceeded with the installation of a porcelain crown, a dental veneer and a gum lift.

Before and after:

Our patient had already received quality dental treatments, but she wanted to improve and harmonize her smile. Dr Comeau proceeded with the installation of two dental veneers and two porcelain crowns.

Before and after:

Our patient is a busy professional. He wanted to repair the spaces between his teeth. He decided to have six dental veneers.

Before and after:


How are Spa dentaire Laurier veneers created?

Each of our dental restorations is a process combining artistic style with scientific skill. Dr Comeau and his team have extensive training in smile design and are well-experienced in taking into account the colour, shape, thickness, translucency, occlusion, and other dental characteristics in order to offer you a superb smile.

The veneers must be customized to adapt perfectly to your face, gender, and personality. When done properly, they look and feel like real teeth.

Your ideas and preferences will help structure your treatment, but one of the reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist is because he is skilled in combining experience with artistic talent. The smile simulation, the “before and after” photos of other realizations, and the wearing of temporary veneers will help you make a decision concerning the style, shape, and colour that suit you best.

How long will my porcelain dental veneers last?

We can question ourselves concerning the lifespan of natural teeth. The same applies to dental veneers. All sorts of factors may apply. The lifespan of dental veneers depends on chewing style, maintenance, as well as the state of your teeth, bones, and gums, before and after the treatments.

There is no longevity standard for dental veneers. However, a majority of patients wear them for ten to twenty years. When they are done correctly, with excellent quality porcelain, they can last a lot longer.