Our Philosophy of Beauty

According to Aristotle, beauty occurs when all elements combine, in harmony, in such a way that no single element calls attention to itself. 

Since Aristotle’s time, quite a few authors have attempted to describe and explain beauty. While I cannot compare myself to that great philosopher, I can say it is a subject that I have been passionate about ever since I started out as a dentist. During my university studies, I produced a doctoral thesis on the philosophical analysis of cosmetic dentistry!

Whatever its definition, we know that beauty is an object of desire, and that few people escape this desire.

Each patient who enters my clinic hoping to improve the appearance of their smile, represents a unique challenge. Proper treatment must be determined and planned out while keeping in mind that a beautiful smile is just one part of the human being standing before us.

Even though I adore every aspect of my work, nothing touches me as much as seeing a patient exalted by the beauty of their smile. During moments like these, I truly get the impression that cosmetic dentistry is magic!

Dr. Pierre Comeau, D.M.D., general dentist.

See some of our finest realizations.

We use all sorts of materials and techniques to help bring out your smile: porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, composite veneers. Our gallery of smiles contains “before and after” photos of all these case examples. We invite you to take note of the results in our smiles gallery right now!