4 dental problems to discuss with your dentist


For most people, a dentist is the health care professional who treats toothaches, improves the dental system, chewing, and helps us regain a radiant, aesthetically pleasing smile. However, there are other less obvious oral problems that your dentist can help you with.

Bad breath.

Halitosis or bad breath is when your breath smells bothersome. Although this is a minor health problem, it can still be stressful and cause social inconvenience.

Of course, no one wants to admit that they have bad breath, but it’s better to treat it than to hide it. The buildup of bacteria in the mouth also signals the presence of conditions that can accelerate tooth decay. Discuss it with your dentist, Dr Pierre Comeau D.M.D, your friends and family will appreciate it!

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Bad breath

Dry mouth.

The uncomfortable feeling of a dry mouth happens to all of us. This can happen when you are nervous, upset or stressed. However, if the phenomenon is frequent, not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can have serious consequences for your health.

Decreasing the amount of saliva changes the pH level and increases the risk of bacteria attacking vulnerable parts of the teeth, such as exposed roots. It also causes bad breath and cold sensitivity. If this problem is left untreated, dental structures can be gradually destroyed, to the point, in some cases, that the teeth can no longer be repaired.

Also known as xerostomia, the lack of saliva is actually quite bothersome and can predispose to a host of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Some men and women suffer from as a side effect of prescription drugs or chronic illnesses. In short, on your next visit to Spa Dentaire Laurier, talk about it freely, we are here to help you!

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Dry mouth

Jaw problems.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint of the jaw. It connects the lower jaw to the temporal bones on the side of your head. A properly functioning joint guarantees the mobility that one needs to eat (chew and swallow) and to speak.

Dr. Pierre Comeau can help you prevent TMJ dysfunction by ensuring that your dental restoration work is done correctly, and that your bite is balanced. To ensure early detection, a check for signs of TMJ dysfunction is included in each in-depth examination performed at regular visits.

So, if you frequently experience jaw pain or notice a click, be sure to make an appointment quickly with the Spa dentaire Laurier team.

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Jaw problems

Teeth grinding.

If you’ve been stressed out and are grinding your teeth (or if your partner tells you you do it while you sleep), talk to Dr. Pierre Comeau. A simple mouthguard can protect your teeth from early wear. If you have experienced grinding damage, such as fractured or chipped teeth, we will suggest practical applications for restorative dentistry.

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Teeth grinding.

The free virtual consultation was designed to answer these three questions before you even come to the clinic in person. This is beneficial because this service maximizes the time efficiency of an in-person meeting. This is your opportunity to discuss how we can specifically help you achieve the smile you want and the plan that’s right for you.

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