Can I see you today?

Do you suffer from tooth pain or trauma? Call us at (514) 273-3818. We will see you today to diagnose the cause of your dental pain and eliminate it. For many reasons, it is not reasonable to delay a dental visit when you are in pain.

Why consult an emergency dentist?

Tooth pain

Tooth pain is usually a sign of infection. If you do not to consult an emergency dentist and decide not to have the infection treated, it risks spreading to gums, other teeth, and even to the jaw. In certain serious cases, the infection may reach the bloodstream. Over-the-counter medications can help alleviate the pain, but the cause of the pain will persist.

An infected tooth needs root canal treatment. When the pulp – the tissue that lives inside your tooth – is infected, your antibodies head to the infected area to try and look after the problem, but there is not enough room at the tip of the tooth to let antibodies in. Swelling thus arises, and the dental pulp ends up dying. The infection must be eliminated by the treatment of the canal. During this procedure, the pulp is cleaned and replaced with a biocompatible rubber. The tooth is then sealed and protected with a dental crown.

Lost or damaged crowns or fillings

If you lose or damage a dental crown or filling, it must be replaced. Crowns and fillings protect teeth. If a tooth is exposed or only partly protected, it can weaken even more and even break. It may also completely fall off and need to be replaced. Tooth replacement is much more expensive and takes much longer to do than does an emergency visit to replace a crown or filling.

Dental Trauma

When a tooth suffers trauma, it may crack or break. Chewing may accentuate an untreated crack, and the following treatments risk being expensive. Trauma can also provoke internal damage. If one of your teeth suffered trauma, call us immediately to have it examined. Early treatment by an emergency dentist helps limit the care needed and prevents the pain from worsening.

Dental appointments make you nervous?

Anxiety causes many people to avoid or delay routine dental visits, more so with regards to emergency visits. The Spa dentaire Laurier staff is very sensitive to the needs of anxious patients and we do our utmost to help you relax. Our professional environment is relaxing. We offer a relaxing musical ambiance and our massage therapist can give you a massage on the spot. If you need extra help to relax, we can suggest medications to eliminate anxiety.