One-Day Smile

Stop Hiding your Smile

Are your teeth stained and going downhill?

Don’t have much time for dental care?

Choose the “One-Day Smile” cosmetic dentistry service offered by Dr Pierre Comeau, D.M.D., general dentist, and very quickly gain the radiant and harmonious smile you desire. A new and faster way to get what you want and fast!

Step into the clinic in the morning and leave that same afternoon with magnificent porcelains. For most patients, a single four to six-hour appointment is all that is needed. Ask Dr Comeau if the method is right for you. In case treatment takes a bit longer, Smile Design may be more appropriate for you.

What is the One-Day Smile procedure?

Spa dentaire Laurier’s One-Day Smile procedure is simple and efficient.

  • We start by listening to you in order to grasp what you want to achieve.
  • Then, we examine your teeth and take pictures and X-rays to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the method.
  • If you are a good candidate, a digital 3D simulation is personally created by Dr Comeau from a photo of your face. This crucial step will allow Dr Comeau to lay out one to three treatment options designed specifically for you. This will also allow him to determine, from the outset, the length, shape, and colour of your teeth so as to harmonize them with your appearance before even touching your teeth.
  • We then show you the simulation to give you an idea of the result before the treatment starts. At this step, we decide together which option suits you best. You may also propose changes to the simulation. After all, the simulation will serve as our reference for the remainder of the treatment.
  • The simulation and treatment plan are then sent to the GPS laboratory laboratoire GPS and a custom 3D design guide is created for your teeth.
  • With the help of the design guide, Dr Comeau will create your temporary smile with medical-grade plastic.
  • This prototype will guarantee that we are in the right direction, after which time Dr Comeau will shape your teeth and create the necessary space for attaching the porcelains. With the help of the CAD/CAM, the porcelains will be drawn, fabricated, and installed on your teeth. The third and final step will reassure you: we show you the new porcelains on your teeth before permanently cementing them on.
  • Later on, we will see you again for a simple follow-up visit and a cleaning of your new porcelain-covered teeth. At the end of the treatment, your smile will have been splendidly transformed.

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