Tailored to your needs

To make life a bit easier for you, Spa dentaire Laurier has joined forces with well-known financial institutions who offer us flexible financing plans.

Our team is available to help you choose from different available financing options.

Accord D Financing from Desjardins

Directly finance your purchases thanks to an accessible, simple and quick solution!

  • Rapid and flexible financing to help you realize the projects that matter to you.
  • Second credit limit on your Desjardins credit card.
  • Does not affect your current limit.
  • Low interest rate.
  • Available online (by Internet and phone), at the financial institution or at home.

For more information, consult the Accord D financing by Desjardins section.


Simple. Flexible. Practical.

Do you dream of offering yourself a more harmonious, healthy, and radiant smile for a longer period of time? Did you know that, as is the case with the purchase of furniture or a car, you can invest in your smile and spread out your treatment payment over many months? You’d be surprised to know that the smile you’ve always wanted is within your reach!

  • Easy credit approval.
  • Immediate access to an optimal and comprehensive treatment plan.
  • The only program designed exclusively for ensuring dental care financing.
  • DentoPlan allows you to invest in your smile.
  • Partial or 100% financing.
  • No need to travel, since the whole administrative process is done at the clinic.
  • After all, we’re talking about your health . . . and your image!
  • The smile you’ve been DREAMING ABOUT is within your reach!

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