Our Team

Dr Pierre Comeau, D.M.D.,
general dentist

Dr Pierre Comeau, D.M.D.,

Favorite quote

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs


Dr Comeau has been offering cosmetic and reconstruction solutions for more than 18 years. He teaches skill techniques in Morocco and treatment plan design at the International Dental Institute. The IDI has also recognized Dr Comeau for his commitment to the ongoing improvement of his profession. He calls upon his training and experience to treat all sorts of clinical problems and helps his patients conserve their teeth for a lifetime.

Dr Comeau has always been taken with the idea of taking care of people. The dental field in general and cosmetic dentistry in particular are for him fields of choice since they allow him to combine his fondness for medicine, his taste for science and technology, and his artistic talent.

He received his university diploma with honours from Université de Montréal in 1998. In 2003, he opened his own dental clinic under the name Spa dentaire Laurier. Over time, he has created a unique and soothing environment where he helps his patients rapidly regain their smile with minimal discomfort.

Postdoctoral Studies

Dr Comeau continually updates his skills with new practices to hone his treatment techniques. He often visits the Kois Centre in Seattle to benefit from the teachings of Dr John Kois in cosmetic dentistry. Other centres that enrich his skills are the Dr James Klim Institute (DDS, Cadstar) for the restoration of computer-fabricated ceramics, the Pankey Institute for complex dental care, and the Centre for Advanced Dental Education, for gum health.

Awards and distinctions

In 2009, Dr Comeau received the Inukshuk award from the International Dental Institute. This award recognizes the values of solidarity, mutual aid, teamwork, and sustainability.

What is your dentist like outside the clinic?

Dr Comeau grew up in Ville Mont-Royal. An accomplished artist, he was a soloist for the Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal from the age of nine to seventeen. Since then, he has performed many shows as a singer and guitarist.

Dr Comeau is also passionate about karate. He received his 3rd degree black belt in 2017. You’ll often hear him talk about walking in the woods too. He resides in Rosemont with his companion and son Simon.

Dr Alain Brault, D.M.D. MsC,
orthodontist and Invisalign specialist

Dr Alain Brault, D.M.D. MsC,

Favorite quote

“You cannot quantify life by the number of breaths you take, but rather by the number of moments that take your breath away.”


Dr Alain Brault is a designated Premier provider of Invisalign services. He graduated from Université de Montréal in 1977 with a degree in dental medicine, and received his certificate in orthodontics in 1980. During the course of his 35 years of practice, he has always kept himself informed about the evolution of orthodontic practices. His knowledge and vast experience make him a true ally. His permanent interest for the evolution of orthodontic solutions led him to become one of the Quebec pioneers of the Invisalign method, which is an almost invisible orthodontic solution. He joined the Spa dentaire Laurier team in 2009. During his leisure time, he becomes an outdoors man! He keeps in shape with the help of alpine skiing, golfing, and tennis.

Guylaine Larocque,

Guylaine Larocque

Favorite quote

“Smile at life . . . and it will smile back at you.”


Guylaine has been collaborating with Dr Pierre Comeau since 2000. She is the manager and coordinator of Spa dentaire Laurier. It is with great pleasure that she will help you with any questions you may have concerning dental insurance, in addition to taking care of your appointment schedule.

She can help you find the right dental agreement, tailored to your budget, as well as the treatment plan that best fits your needs and schedule. With ten years’ experience as a dental hygienist, she is the right person to help guide you through your dental follow-ups and questions.

For her, customer service is fundamental. Guylaine loves spending time with her family and friends and adores dogs.

Géraldine Chavardes,
Dental Treatment Coordinator

Géraldine Chavardes

Favorite quote

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream about the future, concentrate your spirit on the present moment”—Buddhist Proverb.


Géraldine has been with us since 2005, becoming our treatment coordinator in 2009. She plays a key role in the patient’s journey with us. Following Dr Comeau’s recommendations, she presents the dental health assessment and explains the personalized treatment plan. She is the intermediary between the patient and Dr Comeau. Géraldine is attentive to your needs. She is efficient and authentic. She also has a passion for nature, reading, music and cinema.

Josée Tremblay,
Dental Assistant

Josée Tremblay

Favorite quote

“Happiness is like a butterfly: It soars without ever looking behind.”


Josée, our certified dental assistant, helps us make your dental treatments more comfortable. She will guide you from beginning to end and will go the extra mile to get answers to all your treatment-related questions. She was trained at the Dr James Klim Institute (DDS, Cadstar), where she completed refresher courses in the fabrication of porcelain veneers and dental crowns. Hailing from Saguenay, Josée holds a diploma from CFP L’Oasis in Chicoutimi. During her leisure time, she enjoys taking care of her three kids and fostering friendships.

Catherine Bontemps,
Dental Hygienist

Catherine Bontemps

Favorite quote

“Freedom is not the absence of commitment, but the ability to choose.”
- Paulo Coehlo


Catherine, our dental hygienist, studied at Collège Édouard Montpetit in Longueuil. She has formal training and skills in the use of lasers for gum therapy. You will surely appreciate her friendliness and kindness. She is a sports enthusiast who trains regularly.

Nesrine Mahieddine,
Dental Hygienist

Nesrine Mahieddine

Favorite quote

« No exterior grace is complete if inner beauty does not vivify it.”
- Victor Hugo


Nesrine, like Catherine, is a dental hygienist. She received her diploma from Collège Édouard-Montpetit from the same graduating class as her colleague. It is with a lot of good will and enthusiasm that she welcomes her patients. Calm and meticulous, she will offer you treatments that are as comfortable as they come. She is in charge of a variety of teeth whitening treatments offered at Spa dentaire Laurier. Outside of work, she enjoys taking care of her young children and family.

Louise Lapointe,
Public Relations Officer

Louise Lapointe

Favorite quote

“True strength is the one we exercise at each moment upon our thoughts, feelings, and actions.” — Morihei Ueshiba


Louise is our public relations officer with our patients. She is the first smile you will meet as you walk into our clinic. Patient, warm, attentive and loving people, she will inform you about the services we offer, answer all your questions, and help plan your appointments. With insight, she successfully transferred into our environment all the knowledge and experience she had gained in the arts and the hotel industry. Louise is passionate about travel, culture, and all forms of artistic expression.

Cendrine Permingeat,
Massage Therapist

Cendrine Permingeat

Favorite quote

“No one is born under an auspicious star, there are only those who do not know how to read the stars.”— The XIVth Dalai Lama


Cendrine is our massage therapist. She stays by your side during long treatments to make your experience as peaceful as possible. She is trained in California and sports massage therapy, lymphatic draining, and energy techniques (polarity, Reiki). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her twin girls and doing renovations.